A Third Of Brits Are Vitamin D Deficient According To A New Research Review – New study research review by Health & Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS) concludes that preventing deficiency can only be achieved by supplementation for all

Maintaining its status as a hot topic, vitamin D is the subject of a new research review titled Vitamin D: The challenge of bridging the gap and the rationale for supplementation, published in The Food and Nutrition Journal.[1] The new research review’s authors have shone a light on the mounting evidence pointing to the importance of the sunshine nutrient for our health and wellbeing.

They HSIS authors also found worrying gaps in the UK’s vitamin D levels, pointing to research showing that amongst 210,502 patients who had a vitamin D test, one third were deficient (with deficiency identified as a blood level below 30 nmol/litre).[2] Read more here. Vitamin D – The Challenge of Bridging the Gap and the Rationale For Supplementation – Food & Nutrition Journal