Welcome to HSIS,
the home of accurate and balanced information on vitamins, minerals and other food supplements
Welcome to HSIS,
the home of accurate and balanced information on vitamins, minerals and other food supplements
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A Third Of Brits Are Vitamin D Deficient According To A New Research Review - New study research review by Health & Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS) concludes that preventing deficiency can only be achieved by supplementation for all

Maintaining its status as a hot topic, vitamin D is the subject of a new research review titled Vitamin D: The challenge of bridging the gap and the rationale for supplementation, published in The Food and Nutrition Journal.[1] The new research review’s authors have shone a light on the mounting evidence pointing to the importance of the sunshine nutrient for our health and wellbeing. They HSIS authors also found worrying gaps in the UK’s vitamin D levels, pointing to research…

Overweight and Undernourished

New report shows Brits urgently need a nutrition reset to get immune health back on track   Three-quarters of Brits recognise that immune health is compromised by bad diets, according to a new report[1] commissioned by the Health and Food Supplements Information Service (www.hsis.org), yet there are worrying signs that our diets are way off track, putting immune health under strain as autumn gets underway. The report – IMMUNE HEALTH: MICRONUTRIENTS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE – brings together a new poll…

UK Failing To Meet The Recommended Daily Requirements of Eight Key Nutrients, Potentially Wreaking Havoc On The Nation's Health And Wellbeing

Should YOU be concerned about your nutrient intake? New data from the Health & Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS) reveals many people in the UK are lacking in eight key nutrients, with potentially harmful effects on their health. The HSIS report - BACK TO BASICS: THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED, SERVED ON A PLATE[1] - looks at the challenges of meeting recommended nutritional intakes through diet alone. For instance, the HSIS report notes, for an adult female to meet the recommended…

Vitamin D Supplement Needed To Make Target Levels of Vitamin D in Pregnancy

Vitamin D supplementation is the single most effective way to achieve and maintain target blood levels of vitamin D throughout pregnancy according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.[1] Commenting on the study data, Dr Nisa Aslam a GP from the Health & Food Supplements Information Service – www.hsis.org notes:   “This was a study in 79 pregnant women recruited during the first trimester (average 9.3 weeks pregnant) which measured vitamin D blood levels in all the women…

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What is an NRV and why is it important?

NRV is an abbreviation of ‘Nutrient Reference Value’. NRV’s are set for 13 vitamins and 14 minerals for the purposes of food labelling and are EU guidance levels on the daily amount of vitamin or mineral that the average healthy person needs to prevent...

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