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I’m a health professional

How does HSIS support diet and nutrition professionals?

HSIS provides accurate and balanced information on vitamins, minerals and other food supplements.  The information we provide is not brand or product specific and is always evidence-based.
Need to find out about the NRV of a specific mineral? Want to double check contraindications for a certain botanical? Use our A-Z of supplements  for a quick reference guide to vitamins, minerals and other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect which can be found in food supplements.

We know from talking with diet and nutrition professionals that you want up-to-date, straightforward information about food supplements at the touch of a button. That’s why we’ve put together a summary of how food supplements are regulated  and an archive of research and reports  on nutrition to support your understanding of the wider issues.  You’ll also find the latest news from HSIS and our response to stories in the media on food supplements.

Can you provide information for individual cases?

No. HSIS cannot comment on individual circumstances and we do not offer an advice service to the general public.

HSIS is a communication service providing information to the media and health professionals. We hope the information provided here will be useful for your own development and in your day to day interaction with people seeking advice on diet and nutrition.

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