Description A probiotic is a live microbial food supplement that contains microbial substances normally found in the gut.
Function/ Used for Probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidus are consumed to improve digestion. Once in the gut they work by multiplying and restoring the balance of the normal bacterial population of the intestine.

Probiotics may also help to support the health of the immune system.

Intake N/A


As a supplement Available as bio-yoghurts or fermented milk based drinks. Also as capsules and tablets.

To be effective, they should be consumed daily.  Many probiotics should be kept refrigerated and should be consumed before the expiry date.

There is no established dose for these products.

Found in (dietary sources) N/A
Deficiency N/A
Precautions and contraindications None known.
Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding There is no evidence of adverse effects in pregnancy.
Interactions e.g. with other medications None reported1.
Adverse effects None known.
References 1.            Mason, P. Dietary Supplements. Pharmaceutical Press, London, 2001.